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Father God

You are an all loving, all caring, all accepting God who turns no one away, such is the height, depth and breadth of your love for us. You know what’s happening in the world today, a world You created out of love and for love and Your heart must be sore. You are also a healing God who pours His loving Spirit upon all in need.

Today we remember all those on the frontline working endlessly and tirelessly to care for those affected by this virus – all nursing, medical personnel and other emergency services.

We remember those who are locked away in laboratories all over the world trying to find a cure.

We remember those who are in the supermarket, stacking shelves, unloading delivery vans, those who serve us, often taking abuse from anxious shoppers.

We remember the lonely, frail, isolated who depend on the kindness of neighbours or volunteers and who rely on their carers for daily physical communication.

We remember those in hospital, care homes, hospices, unable to be visited by family and friends

We remember the bereaved who have lost someone not only to the Covid 19, but in other circumstances and can’t say goodbye in the usual way and we remember all clergy and funeral directors who continue to work to offer help and support any way they can.

God our Father, we remember the world at this time and take comfort from the words of the hymn…Father I place into Your hands the things that trouble me.

Lord in Your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen

Names on the Prayer list this week

Margaret, Helen, John  and Ann-Margaret for health

Gemma for courage

George for continued healing whilst recovering at home

Biggart and Krout families in bereavement

Baby Rookie for positive results and family for courage and strength

Baby John James for positive health results

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