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Morning people - I imagine this will be very strange Sunday morning for you, different routine and shape to your Sunday, no getting yourself and the kids ready for worship 😢. We are living our lives very differently at the moment ( TEMPORARY) so I thought I would remind you of our normal practice and maybe you can sing your favourite hymns at the praise slot and add your prayers - here we go worth a shot .....
Call to worship Prayer: Lord today as many people worship You via social media, television, radio or just by themselves in the quietness of their own home, may they be filled anew with the power of Your Holy Spirit,AMEN
INTROIT.....choose your own and sing 🎶
Welcome everybody song
CHILDRENíS HYMN.... choose your own but can I suggest Our God is a great big God and encourage you to do the actions 😁
SHARING TIME - what would you post in the post box this week ?
Childrenís Time and Prayer ( I know there are lots of virtual hands going up volunteering to say the prayer so Iíll write one for you this week - are you ready....)
Father God, we are all worried about this virus and it can make us feel scared so we pray for all our friends who we might not see as much for a wee while and we pray for our schools and our teachers. Help us continue to trust in your love and keep on believing that you love us NO MATTER WHAT, and we hope and pray we can be back with our church family soon, we pray in Jesus name who taught us when we pray to say....
PRAISE....choose your own
Calll to Prayer - use a Psalm to begin the call to prayer
PRAYER: fill in the gaps, Loving God I/we thank you for..........God our Father forgive me/ us for. .......
BIBLE READING ...... choose your own but for today I suggest Proverbs 3: 5 -7
PRAISE.........choose your own
SERMON - now this is your chance, you time to shine.........why donít you say or write down your sermon, everyone has at least one sermon in them.......the virtual pulpit is yours for this morning.....go for it if you had the chance what would you say ??
PRAISE......choose your own
PRAYER- Living Lord, I/we pray for ........
OFFERING - again choose your own hymn or visualise a DVD I have shown in the past which had an impact on you
BENEDICTION - May you always be aware that the Living Loving God Almighty walks right alongside you in everything you do and where ever you go, and may the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you and all those whom you love and find difficult to love, today, tomorrow and forever.
SUNG BLESSING - May Godís blessing surround you each day, as you trust Him and walk in His way, May His presence within guard and keep you from sin, go in peace go in joy go on love.
Three Fold Amen
Stay safe, your friend and minister, Rev Kay 🙏🙏

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