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The stall sells a wide range of products which we buy direct from Traidcraft. They are an a organistion who guarantees that all growers and producers of goods get a fair price for their products, this then enables them to send their children to school. Last year we purchased nearly 2000 worthy of stock from them.

A Traidcraft stall is available in the vestibule of the Church one Sunday per month. It is run by Morag Hamilton her daughter, Dawn.

Here is the link to the official Traidcraft website: http://www.traidcraft.co.uk/

I was fortunate to be able to go and hear the two men from Malawi talking about farming in their country. One of them was from the Co-operative who organised the farmers so they received a fair price for their produce . The other was a farmer from the country. He explained that he had to rise very early and use his oxen before the heat of the day. They have to do everything else by hand and work very hard.

The main thing that I took from the talk was that they want to be able to support their families through their work and we have the opportunity to empower them. If you buy Fair Trade items from Fair Traders  you are insuring they get a fair price.

The group which this farmer was part of were able to help the survivors of an earthquake and buy 200 pairs of shoes for orphans. Wasn't that  wonderful that they still wanted to help others?

I sell items from 90p so PLEASE consider stopping at the stall and having a look.


As many of my customers at the Traidcraft stall know when they donate their small change I will

Mary's meals

save it and send it to Marys Meals. So fair we have sent 300 and this is great.

This year Mary Meals are feeding over 1,000,000 children  each day when the children attend school. What a wonderful achievement. As the founder said there are over 300 million children needing fed but what a great beginning.

Please visit Marys Meals webpage at marysmeals.org.uk to learn more of this great work.

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