I read this today and thought it would be worthwhile sharing as a reminder that even though our church building is 'closed' we can still worship in other ways. Hope it inspires and lifts your spirits in these bleak and uncertain times and take heart that God Loves You - NO MATTER WHAT :)

We haven't cancelled worship; we've cancelled a religious service
at a specific time, in a specific place, on a specific day, but folks will still
worship God when they are caring for the grandkids and walking their dogs;

worship as they serve beside Jesus at foodbanks and picking up groceries for a neighbour;
worship when they share the Spirit's peace by singing songs over the phone to a parent;
worship when they work from home; worship when they endure extra shifts
in nursing homes and group homes; worship when they email someone far away
and wave to a stranger across the street; worship when they take toilet paper
to a homeless shelter and volunteer at a polling place.
we haven't cancelled worship, just the "official" part
that may be the smallest part of it all

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