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A beautiful prayer or hymn or poem from the Church of Scotland's facebook page encouraging us to look with fresh eyes at the wonderful creation we are part of.


A young boy's vision of one of Jesus' best known parables with the actors as dinosaurs.  I'm sure you can guess which parable?  Jesus told the story as an answer to the question "Who is my neighbour?"  Maybe this picture can remind us that all God's creatures are our neighbours?


A Message for Easter


A Message for Advent


Jesus commands us to learn from the trees.  Take a few moments to reflect on the value of our trees - not just the great rainforests, but the woods and trees around us;  and in our church grounds.  They provide a habitat for wildlife, and give us a feeling of well-being.  Let's not take trees for granted, but reflect on what they can contribute to our spiritual lives. 


"Every fraction of a degree of warming makes a difference to human health and access to food and fresh water, to the extinction of animals and plants, to the survival of coral reefs and marine life."

(Via the BBC and stopclimatechaosscotland.org)



September is the month chosen in the Christian calendar to celebrate creation.  This year's theme is Passing on the Planet to our young people.  Each week has a special focus:






These are all wonderful gifts to pray for in our own development, and to pass onto our young people, in going deeper into our Christian life with a special focus on caring for God's creation.

World Dog Day 26th August 2018


A good way to celebrate World Dog Day is to look at the sniffer dogs that are helping to fight wildlife crime.

Illegal wildlife trade is devastating animal and plant populations across the world.  90% of Africa's elephants have been poached in the last century.  Sniffer dogs are the latest and most effective way of dealing with this crime.  The dogs can sniff out ivory and rhino horns and other illegal wildlife products from containers.

Sign a petition against wildlife crime at the World Wildlife Fund site. (www.wwf.org.uk/

This year we are taking part in a pilot project with RSPB Scotland called "Faith Action For Nature".

Faith for nature

We are looking forward to getting involved in this fascinating project.

church leaders

Dr Browning, Moderator of the Church of Scotland and other faith leaders calling for the Scottish Government to introduce a strong climate bill.


World Environment Day - 5th June

Theme - Beat Plastic Pollution

If you can't re-use it - refuse it

It is great to see that the Scottish Government is taking a lead - and is banning single-use plastic cups in its buildings from 4th June.  This will save 450,000 cups being sent to landfill.


Jackson's Wild Flower Garden

Wild flowers have been planted in a patch at the front and back gates.  Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks to see them bloom - hopefully!


June 8th is World Oceans Day.  

Our oceans are teeming with plastic waste - a dire threat to marine life, and also a threat to our own health as we eat contaminated seafood.  Celebrate World Oceans Day by doing something about your own use of plastics.  See tips in "Things to do" section.

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