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Jackson Parish Church is part of the Reformed Tradition of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, and is within the bounds of Hamilton Presbytery.

*WE believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, the UNCONDITIONAL love of God, and the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit.These beliefs are at the heart of our worship and teaching and are what unites us as a family of God.We value our individual freedom, as well as the challenges to interpret the Bible with our minds and our hearts and also the challenges to adhere to those beliefs within an ever changing society.Sharing worship with a community of believers and seekers, strengthens and supports our individual journeys.

*WE are a welcoming and friendly church, who strive to embrace all people in God’s grace and love. We acknowledge and value people of diverse backgrounds and willingly nurture and embrace children, youths, singles, families, mature, elderly, tall, short, thin, not so thin!!,...you get the drift.....anyone is welcome in the House of God and we hope at Jackson you will find a place of belonging and meaning and friendship.

*WE are part of Craigneuk and Petersburn Community and are willing and happy to serve that community and further afield as best we can and we thank God for that privilege and honour, giving Him the glory and praise.

*WE are a church which believes that GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!



From the Minister – Rev Kay Gilchrist.

Hi, my name is Kay Gilchrist andI am the Minister of Airdrie Jackson Church, known as Team Jackson.I have been Minister here for 11 years now, but have been a member here since Christmas 1978. I was brought up in Craigneuk and my life’s journey has taken me from Nursing, Midwifery then into the Ministry. Before Jackson, my Ministerial career was Drumchapel, Rachel House Children’s Hospice, Cornton Vale Women’s Prison ( as Chaplain I may add!) and St. Andrew’s Hospice, also Chaplain at Addiewell Prison one day a week.

I am a firm believer that Christianity is Community and our church is based right in the centre of a community.  Although the church to many is a building, it is so much more than that. The building is where the people who have chosen to worship and follow Jesus Christ meet for fellowship and other events.  The church is actually the People of God and without the people there would be no church, and the People of Jackson care about the community.  I care about the community and I believe the community cares about the church. It always pleases me and makes me smile when the children of the two local Primary schools shout out ‘hi Rev Kay’ or in the supermarket with their parents and say to them ‘there’s Rev Kay’.  It is the same with adults who I may have been involved with in a pastoral situation, I may not recognise all of them but it’s nice to get a ‘hello’ from them.

Many different people may visit our website, some may know me and the church, some may be believers, others not.No matter who you are or why you are visiting our website – know this – You are a Child of God and He loves you with a perfect unconditional love and there is nothing too hard or too impossible for Him to help you with.


Rev Kay

This year is Jackson 175th Anniversary. If you want to now more about the history of the church then google the 'Disruption of 1843' as that's where it stemmed from. The then Minister of Airdrie West Parish was Rev William Jackson and the rest really is 'history as they say'. We as a church are quite excited to celebrate this great achievement and we hope we are doing our bit for Christ and His church so the Jackson will still be 'standing' in the next 175 years.

To mark this auspicious occasion, so far, we have had a Fun Day which was held on 22nd June and was open and free to all in the Parish. We reckon we had over 800 people, adults and children come through the grounds of the church and the weather was very kind to us. Everyone enjoyed food and drinks, bouncy castles, carousel, hook the duck, world of wings, beat the goalie. arts and crafts, police car, fire engine, splat the rat, putting for a fiver, dance show but apparently the children loved soak the daftie which for the fist hour was myself in the firing line and I can honestly say I was well and truly soaked!! Others then joined in and volunteered to be the 'daftie'. Our Bible Bashers were also treated to a fun day out at Blair Drummond Safari Park - their choice - and the photographs show they had a great time.

Sunday 8th September we will have a special service to commemorate this milestone in the life of Jackson and there will be a few ministers taking part. Rev Jim MacDonald and Rev Jim Weir who like myself entered the Ministry under Mr Wylie's Ministry at Jackson, 37 years he served God and Church. Rev Sharon Colvin, the minister before me and Rev Jim Murphy who has alway enjoyed conducting worship at Jackson to cover my holidays in years gone by. There will also be another few participants throughout the service. Please come and join us if you can.

Saturday 14th September we will have an Anniversary Dinner Dance in Penny Cab Stadiums, then on Friday 29th November the Church of Scotland Heart and Soul Swing Band will entertain us whilst raising money for the Church of Scotland HIV and AIDS Project.

We truly see ourselves as a caring church in the heart of the community and although I want see the next 175 years, I pray God will continue to bless all those in this great wee church and parish for the next 175 years.

God Loves You - NO MATTER WHAT :)

Every Blessing

Rev Kay :)

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