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    Morning all, I hope this penguin gif works when I post it because their wee dance is certainly funny, well I thought it was anyway. If it doesn’t then I hope the words will inspire you to do something fun today, after you’ve joined me for worship of course . Did any of you ever feel when you were younger that you were ‘dragged’ to church and it was ‘no fun’ ( i have heard stories of kids getting sookie sweeties in their mouths to keep them quiet) no wonder they may have felt church wasn’t fun, never mind Sunday’s. Well not in Jackson people- and certainly not in my ministry. Obviously church has a serious and meaningful aspect to Sunday worship but my friends it should also be FUN. God has a sense of humour ( He called me to the ministry ). Part of life is to have fun, God wants His children of all ages to have fun. Church without fun and laughter wouldn’t leave you with many happy memories and maybe even leave you thinking of God as a stern, boring God and all too serious God when in fact He’s the opposite. I have a vision of a loving, laughing God who loves to see us having fun every day and especially when we worship Him together as a church family, which just happens to be on a Sunday. So church and community, today make sure you have a fun Sunday, a fun worship time and a fun relationship with God. Happy days. God is a God of FUN.

    Rev Kay 

    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Lord God, thank You for sharing my fun with me. Thank You that You laugh with me and my happiness makes You happy too. Forgive me when I take my life and worship too seriously and forget to have fun. Our world just now seems to be very serious, but today I will make every effort to do something fun knowing You will share it with me. Maybe I could even do a wee dance like the penguins in the image. Thank You God for fun. Amen

    If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands......
    If your happy and you it stamp your feet......
    If your happy and you it shout AMEN
    If your happy and you it do all three.



    Good morning all, so now my alphabet challenge has come to an end, what next I ask? Well my friend has been sending me daily images this past week as you see, so I thought I could use them for the next week anyway then see where we go from there. So Saturday, I think that song was from Oklahoma, I have a vague memory of it ( I am happy to be corrected). So is your Saturday beautiful ( discount the weather ).

    Questions: what makes your Saturday beautiful? What can you do to help make your Saturday beautiful? Hopefully the beautiful thoughts, images, tasks outweighs the not so beautiful. Apart from the beautiful things today may have in store for you, I hope you think of yourself

    as beautiful and I don’t mean merely an outward physical appearance. I mean your character, personality, thought, love, kindness, thoughtfulness etc. Inner beauty surely is a wonderfully beautiful thing to behold. You know what I am going to say don’t you? - God is beautiful and He thinks you are too. He is never wrong so believe it and enjoy your beautiful Saturday in that knowledge and truth. Repeat the mantra - ‘l am beautiful

    and so is today’.

    Rev Kay

    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Lord God, you are in my Saturday so how can today not be beautiful, thank You. Thank You for loving me and believing in me. Thank You for the beauty around me and the pleasure it brings. Amen 



     Good morning all, the word beginning with the letter Z in my alphabet challenge is ZOOM. At the moment the word Zoom is being used more and more in our vocabulary. It’s not that we are zooming about all over the place going from shop to shop - queues prevent us from doing that. It’s not that we are zooming from one job to the next or socialising etc... it’s not as the dictionary says to ‘move along very quickly or rise rapidly’
    But it does mean we can very quickly tune in to family, friends, work, colleagues. teachers, conferences... using the zoom app many of you may have downloaded and used. It enables you to see as well as hear the people you are interacting with, whether for professional or personal reasons. There are a few different apps being used at this time helping with communication. I have some good news for you - you don’t need a zoom app or any other app for that matter to communicate or get in touch with God. He was in the business of IT and communications long before these apps were ever invented. It’s called prayer. Best zoom conference ever!! He will always listen, He will always answer, He looks forward to hearing from you. Now you might be thinking, yes that’s great but I can’t see Him ( like I can with zoom) even though He can see me...well I would challenge you today to think about if that’s true or not. Where can you ‘see’ God at work day and daily? That’s your challenge for today and I am confident you will zoom/rise to the challenge
    Rev Kay
    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Father God may I always be willing to zoom right into the heart of prayer with You and thank You that when I do You are always at the other end accepting my call. Today may I feel blessed as I think about all the ways I see you at work in my life and in the world. Amen

    CHORUS: kids chorus
    I may never march in the infantry
    Ride with the cavalry
    Shoot the artillery
    I may never zoom over enemy
    But I'm in the Lord's army
    I'm in the Lord's army (yes, sir)
    I'm in the Lord's army (yes, sir)
    I may never march in the infantry
    Ride with the cavalry
    Shoot the artillery
    I may never zoom over enemy
    But I'm in the Lord's army



    Good morning all, the word beginning with the letter Y in my alphabet challenge is YES. A positive word which we need to hear more of in today’s situation. It may seem that at the moment all our questions re this Lockdown are answered with a NO response filling us with feelings of negativity. I am sure the day we are told the lockdown is over there will be resounding shouts of YES with fist punches in the air then we will be filled with relief, with happiness and joy, with expectation and anticipation of hugging loved ones, being able to return to work and every day normal ( new normal ) activities and more. What I would like you to do today is think of the situations in your life you can still say Yes! to and fist punch the air - hopefully you will be surprised at how many blessings you have and don’t need to wait til we are ‘allowed out to play’
    Rev Kay
    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Lord thank You that I can always fist punch the air and shout YES, God loves me! May I never doubt or question that truth but just allow that gracious love to run over me like a waterfall never ending and embracing me with Your power arms of acceptance and security. I say YES to Your love today, tomorrow and forever. Amen

    CHORUS: beautiful and meditative ( if you don’t know it - worth a listen on YouTube)
    Isn’t He Beautiful? Beautiful Isn’t He?
    Prince Of Peace Son Of God, Isn’t He?
    Isn’t He Wonderful
    Wonderful Isn’t He
    Counselor, Almighty God, Isn’t He?
    Isn’t He? Isn’t He?
    Yes You Are
    Yes, You Are (Yes You Are)!
    Prince Of Peace
    Son Of God, Yes You Are!



    I bet you were all wondering what word I could choose beginning with the letter X in my alphabet challenge…well so was I so I trudged the dictionary and Mr Google and have to admit defeat today and go with eXcluded. (wonder what Z will bring?)

    I chose eXcluded not to remind us or make us feel anymore ‘down or dumped’ than we already are being excluded from our family, friends, church, work, recreation, normal every day activities. But, to remind us that in this eXclusion period we are not excluded from caring for one another, from showing acts of kindness – which is the theme for this week's Mental Health Awareness Week – from learning a new skill, from taking up a new hobby, from making a telephone call, from improving our level of fitness ( maybe that made some of you lol) from making someone laugh, from doing something silly, from …………fill in the space. We may be physically eXcluded from doing many things, but spiritually and emotionally we are not. We can still use our inner strength and ability to help ourselves and others. There is also one person you can never be eXcluded from and who will never eXclude you from His love, His kindness, His compassion, His understanding, His forgiveness, His acceptance, His virtual hugs and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, who knew what it was like here one earth to be eXcluded, so He gets it! If you know anyone who may be feeling totally eXcluded today from life, if you can, show them a little kindness, in this week of Mental Health Awareness.

    Rev Kay

    God loves you – No Matter What

    PRAYER: Lord Jesus, thank You that I am never excluded from Your love and nothing I will ever do could change that, such is the vastness of Your love for me. I pray for all those who may be suffering from mental health issues which could be exacerbated at this time in our world. May they know Your healing peace within them and around them. I pray too for their families who may feel helpless and uncertain how best to support them. Lord, give me the wisdom and the faith to include You in my daily life, Amen

    CHORUS: MP 825

    Faithful One, so unchanging; ageless one, You’re my rock of peace.

    Lord of all, I depend on You, I call out to You again and again,

    I call out to You again and again.

    You are my rock in times of trouble, You lift me up when I fall down;

    all through the storm Your love is the anchor – my hope is in You alone



    The word I have chosen beginning with the letter W in my alphabet challenge is WALK.
    It is very appropriate at this time when we are all being encouraged to leave our homes and go for a walk at least once a day, and more now as long as it’s not too far from our homes. Before this Lockdown I walked with friends twice a week for about an hour. Then every 6 weeks or so on a Saturday morning we did a more challenging walk, sometimes up hills and rocky mountains….and of course beautiful woodlands and country side which would take us 3 – 4 hours providing we didn’t get lost! I also have daily walks with my dogs ( truth be told in ‘normal times’ some days the poor wee souls don’t get much of a walk) Anyway walking is good for you, good form of exercise, clears the head and gets the muscles moving. Even if you can’t get out in the fresh air, you walk indoors ( if you are able). When Jesus travelled around the towns and countryside with His disciples they would have done a lot of walking and probably a lot of talking, and I am sure taken in the beauty of creation. I wonder how many miles they walked, no app or fit bit for counting steps. What do you think about when you are out walking? What do you see, feel, smell, sense? How does a walk affect you? Hopefully it will enhance that ‘feel good factor’. If you are able to go out for a walk today have a conversation with God as you do so - even if it’s in your head unspoken. If you are unable to go out for a walk, as you walk indoors – still have that conversation with God, he’s a good listener. Whatever this day holds, rest in the knowledge that God walks with You, every step of the way.
    Rev Kay
    God loves you – No Matter What

    PRAYER: A meditation by Eddie Askew ( a writer and artist I really like )
    An evening walk with you Lord? What would I say? How would it feel to walk by your side,
    to feel the warmth or your breath, to match my step with yours?
    And as we walk, beauty and fragrance surround, the light of your presence, showing the way ahead,
    the path smooth to my feet. My heartbeat slows the rush of my world falls away and I relax
    into your acceptance of who I am.
    And yet I long to be more for you. Stronger, more faithful, and courageous
    Taking giant steps, doing great things all in your name.
    But all you are asking is that I walk with you today. AMEN


    I am weak but Thou art strong
    Jesus keep me from all wrong
    I'll be satisfied as long
    As I walk, let me walk close to Thee

    Just a closer walk with Thee
    Grant it, Jesus, is my plea
    Daily walking close to Thee
    Let it be, dear Lord, let it be

    When my feeble life is o'er
    Time for me will be no more
    Guide me gently, safely o'er
    To Thy kingdom's shore, to Thy shore

    Just a closer walk with Thee
    Grant it, Jesus, is my plea
    Daily walking close to Thee
    Let it be, dear Lord, let it be



     Morning All, the word I have chosen today for the letter V in my alphabet challenge is VALUE. Some more questions ( not like me you might say?). What do you value in life. Who do you value in life? What are your values in life? Some might value their possessions - valuable jewellery; a car may be for some their pride and joy, for others their home, holiday home etc... Where as for others it may be their health, family - especially value holiday time with family, others may value good manners, respect, a moral compass in life. I am sure you can add many more to this small list. For Christians the value is in the person of Jesus Christ who instills within us the value of caring for others, loving God and treating people the way we would like to be treated that’s the truth of the Gospel message we are called to share. Great values to live by sometimes hard to achieve, but we should always strive to achieve them, never give up trying and when we fall short, then learn from it. I have this wee saying, ‘do your best better and do your better best’. Think about it, you’ll get it . During this time as your Minister and friend I value your friendship and the sense of community spirit I witness in the parish. I hope you value that too, and each other. One last thing, the Lord Jesus Christ values you so so much that He will never turn you away when you call His name.

    Rev Kay
    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Lord Jesus, it’s very comforting and reassuring to know that You think I am worth Your love and that You value me as a child of Yours. May I always remember to thank You and value that truth in my daily life. Amen


    You laid aside Your majesty, gave up everything for me.
    Suffered at the hands of those You had created.
    You took away my guilt and shame,
    When You died and rose again.
    Now today You reign,
    And heaven and earth exalt You.
    I really want to worship You my Lord,
    You have won my heart and I am Yours.
    Forever and ever, I will love You.
    You are the only one who died for me,
    Gave Your life to set me free.
    So I lift my voice to You in adoration.



    Morning All, the word I have chosen today for the letter U in my alphabet challenge is UNBELIEVABLE. Remember Victor Meldrew the character in One Foot in the Grave, TV sitcom, his catchphrase ’I don’t believe it!’
    We often say that don’t we - ‘I don’t believe it’ - or ‘that’s unbelievable’ and its quite often in a negative way, that you can’t actually believe what you witnessed even though it’s true. I don’t believe I/he/she/they said or did such a thing....unbelievable !!
    the length of that queue is unbelievable .
    I am sure that sentiment was even around when Jesus walked this earth.
    Disciples often thought it was unbelievable Jesus did what he did during his ministry and their time with Him. ( think of some of the stories, here’s a starter for 10, the loaves and fishes story ) If you had been there at His trial you may have thought it was unbelievable the crowds wanted to free Barabbas and not Jesus. You may have thought it was unbelievable He forgave them as he hung on a cross. You may have thought - as many still do - that He rose from the dead so that we my have life eternal with Him.
    Unbelievable!! - I think not. 

    Rev Kay
    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Lord of life, of love, of forgiveness and acceptance. May I never
    doubt that truth, may I always BELIEVE in You and the influence You can have on my life. Give me the wisdom and strength to always have the courage to say I Believe in Jesus. Amen

    I believe in Jesus,
    I believe He is the Son of God,
    I believe He died and rose again
    I believe He paid for us all.
    And I believe He's here now
    Standing in our midst,
    Here with the power to heal now
    And the grace to forgive.



    The word I have chosen for the letter T in my alphabet challenge is TRUST

    Trust is a small word with a big meaning. Who do you trust? Who can you trust? Have you ever been let down by someone’s lack of trust? Can you be trusted? When I was chaplain at Rachel House we went on a team building away day to Aberfoyle. Lots of exercises and tasks to complete both physical and mental. One of those exercises was you had to fall back into a colleagues arms, eyes closed and trust they were there, hadn’t moved away and were going to catch you. Maybe you’ve done that as part of a trust exercise, scary and enlightening at the same time. My first question was who do you trust? Maybe I should have asked who CAN you trust? which is a wee bit different. Maybe some of you have difficulty in trusting our politicians, our scientists, our medical experts right now as the situation seems to change so rapidly from one day to the next. I have heard conversations in the queues going something like ‘can’t trust the numbers’, or’ can’t trust a word that comes out any of their mouths’, or ‘you wouldn’t know who to trust just now’, and more…. Well my friends in the midst of all this uncertainty the one person you can trust is God – FACT! You will never be let down by Him, He doesn’t change His mind, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and when you fall He will surely catch you…so if you know nothing else today know that….trust me

    Rev Kay     God loves you – No Matter What

    PRAYER: Oh Lord my God, I do trust You even at times it may not seem like I do. I trust You always have my best interest at heart. I trust that Your love for me is unconditional. I trust You will always forgive and accept me for who I am. I trust You will walk with me in the dark places and I certainly trust You will always catch me when I fall then encourage me to stand up again and take every step with me as I continue my journey. Thank You Lord, Amen


    Father, I place into your hands

    The things I cannot do,

    Father, I place into your hands

    The things that I've been through.

    Father, I place into your hands

    The way that I should go,

    For I know I always can trust you.

    Father, I place into your hands

    My friends and family.

    Father, I place into your hands

    The things that trouble me.

    Father, I place into your hands

    The person I would be,

    For I know I always can trust you.

    Father, we love to see your face,

    We love to hear your voice.

    Father, we love to sing your praise

    And in your name rejoice.

    Father, we love to walk with you

    And in your presence rest,

    For we know we always can trust you.

    Father, I want to be with you

    And do the things you do.

    Father, I want to speak the words

    That you are speaking too.

    Father, I want to love the ones

    That you will draw to you,

    For I know that I am one with you.



    Morning All
    The word I have chosen today for the letter S in my alphabet challenge is SPECIAL. I am sure there are many people in your lives who are special to you. Thank God for them right now. I am equally sure you have many many memories of special occasions shared with friends and loved ones. Reflect and thank God for them right now. Here’s the thing - do you know you really are a very special child in the eyes of God. If you do, thank Him for that truth right now. If you don’t know then believe this wee Minister - coz she doesn’t tell porky pies, well no big ones anyway - I am telling you here and now that you are. You are so special, so so special that God loves you as though there was only one of you to love. So no matter what your day holds take heart and relish in that truth YOU ARE SPECIAL TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and He loves you unconditionally, happy days and praise His name. Rev Kay
    God loves you - No Matter What

    PRAYER: Father God thank You for thinking I am special. Thank You for believing in me, help me to believe in myself coz when I do that then maybe just maybe I will believe I am special and precious in Your sight and I will be able to live my life to the full and achieve all my hopes and dreams in the knowledge I am worth so much more than what I think I am. Amen

    I’m special because God has loved me
    For He gave the best thing that He had to save me
    His own son Jesus crucified to take the blame for all the bad things I have done.
    Thank You Jesus, thank You Lord,
    For loving me so much.
    I know I don't deserve anything.
    Help me feel Your love right now,
    To know deep in my heart
    That I'm Your special friend.

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