The word I have chosen for the letter T in my alphabet challenge is TRUST

Trust is a small word with a big meaning. Who do you trust? Who can you trust? Have you ever been let down by someone's lack of trust? Can you be trusted? When I was chaplain at Rachel House we went on a team building away day to Aberfoyle. Lots of exercises and tasks to complete both physical and mental. One of those exercises was you had to fall back into a colleagues arms, eyes closed and trust they were there, hadn't moved away and were going to catch you. Maybe you've done that as part of a trust exercise, scary and enlightening at the same time. My first question was who do you trust? Maybe I should have asked who CAN you trust? which is a wee bit different. Maybe some of you have difficulty in trusting our politicians, our scientists, our medical experts right now as the situation seems to change so rapidly from one day to the next. I have heard conversations in the queues going something like 'can't trust the numbers', or' can't trust a word that comes out any of their mouths', or 'you wouldn't know who to trust just now', and more.... Well my friends in the midst of all this uncertainty the one person you can trust is God - FACT! You will never be let down by Him, He doesn't change His mind, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and when you fall He will surely catch if you know nothing else today know me

Rev Kay     God loves you - No Matter What

PRAYER: Oh Lord my God, I do trust You even at times it may not seem like I do. I trust You always have my best interest at heart. I trust that Your love for me is unconditional. I trust You will always forgive and accept me for who I am. I trust You will walk with me in the dark places and I certainly trust You will always catch me when I fall then encourage me to stand up again and take every step with me as I continue my journey. Thank You Lord, Amen


Father, I place into your hands

The things I cannot do,

Father, I place into your hands

The things that I've been through.

Father, I place into your hands

The way that I should go,

For I know I always can trust you.

Father, I place into your hands

My friends and family.

Father, I place into your hands

The things that trouble me.

Father, I place into your hands

The person I would be,

For I know I always can trust you.

Father, we love to see your face,

We love to hear your voice.

Father, we love to sing your praise

And in your name rejoice.

Father, we love to walk with you

And in your presence rest,

For we know we always can trust you.

Father, I want to be with you

And do the things you do.

Father, I want to speak the words

That you are speaking too.

Father, I want to love the ones

That you will draw to you,

For I know that I am one with you.

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