Good morning all, so now my alphabet challenge has come to an end, what next I ask? Well my friend has been sending me daily images this past week as you see, so I thought I could use them for the next week anyway then see where we go from there. So Saturday, I think that song was from Oklahoma, I have a vague memory of it ( I am happy to be corrected). So is your Saturday beautiful ( discount the weather ).

Questions: what makes your Saturday beautiful? What can you do to help make your Saturday beautiful? Hopefully the beautiful thoughts, images, tasks outweighs the not so beautiful. Apart from the beautiful things today may have in store for you, I hope you think of yourself

as beautiful and I don't mean merely an outward physical appearance. I mean your character, personality, thought, love, kindness, thoughtfulness etc. Inner beauty surely is a wonderfully beautiful thing to behold. You know what I am going to say don't you? - God is beautiful and He thinks you are too. He is never wrong so believe it and enjoy your beautiful Saturday in that knowledge and truth. Repeat the mantra - 'l am beautiful

and so is today'.

Rev Kay

God loves you - No Matter What

PRAYER: Lord God, you are in my Saturday so how can today not be beautiful, thank You. Thank You for loving me and believing in me. Thank You for the beauty around me and the pleasure it brings. Amen 

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