Morning All

The word I have chosen today for the letter F in my alphabet challenge is FUN. I decided that today we should all have some FUN. So I have set you a challenge - think of 3 ways you could have fun today.

Fill in the blanks in your head. I will have fun today by doing:




Doing fun things can often brighten up the dreariest of days. Doing fun things can make all the worries you are carrying seem lighter - even if it's for a wee while. Doing fun things make memories. Doing fun things is just fun . I think it pleases our Father in heaven when He sees His children having fun. Think about how you feel when you see children having fun, it can lift your spirits or maybe even make you feel a bit nostalgic of your own childhood. We are all children at heart no matter our age - so today your minister 'instructs' you to have FUN and enjoy it.

Rev Kay

God love you - No Matter What.

PRAYER: God today as I have some fun, thank You for sharing it with me. I hope it makes You smile as You share my joy. I get great pleasure and joy Lord from knowing You, You fill my whole being with joy and love, thank You for the gift of laughter and the benefit of fun. Amen


Joy, joy, my heart is full of joy,

Joy, joy, my heart is full of joy,

My Saviour dear is ever near,

That's the reason why my heart is full of joy. 

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