Morning All, the word I have chosen today for the letter U in my alphabet challenge is UNBELIEVABLE. Remember Victor Meldrew the character in One Foot in the Grave, TV sitcom, his catchphrase 'I don't believe it!'
We often say that don't we - 'I don't believe it' - or 'that's unbelievable' and its quite often in a negative way, that you can't actually believe what you witnessed even though it's true. I don't believe I/he/she/they said or did such a thing....unbelievable !!
the length of that queue is unbelievable .
I am sure that sentiment was even around when Jesus walked this earth.
Disciples often thought it was unbelievable Jesus did what he did during his ministry and their time with Him. ( think of some of the stories, here's a starter for 10, the loaves and fishes story ) If you had been there at His trial you may have thought it was unbelievable the crowds wanted to free Barabbas and not Jesus. You may have thought it was unbelievable He forgave them as he hung on a cross. You may have thought - as many still do - that He rose from the dead so that we my have life eternal with Him.
Unbelievable!! - I think not. 

Rev Kay
God loves you - No Matter What

PRAYER: Lord of life, of love, of forgiveness and acceptance. May I never
doubt that truth, may I always BELIEVE in You and the influence You can have on my life. Give me the wisdom and strength to always have the courage to say I Believe in Jesus. Amen

I believe in Jesus,
I believe He is the Son of God,
I believe He died and rose again
I believe He paid for us all.
And I believe He's here now
Standing in our midst,
Here with the power to heal now
And the grace to forgive.

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