Morning all, I hope this penguin gif works when I post it because their wee dance is certainly funny, well I thought it was anyway. If it doesn't then I hope the words will inspire you to do something fun today, after you've joined me for worship of course . Did any of you ever feel when you were younger that you were 'dragged' to church and it was 'no fun' ( i have heard stories of kids getting sookie sweeties in their mouths to keep them quiet) no wonder they may have felt church wasn't fun, never mind Sunday's. Well not in Jackson people- and certainly not in my ministry. Obviously church has a serious and meaningful aspect to Sunday worship but my friends it should also be FUN. God has a sense of humour ( He called me to the ministry ). Part of life is to have fun, God wants His children of all ages to have fun. Church without fun and laughter wouldn't leave you with many happy memories and maybe even leave you thinking of God as a stern, boring God and all too serious God when in fact He's the opposite. I have a vision of a loving, laughing God who loves to see us having fun every day and especially when we worship Him together as a church family, which just happens to be on a Sunday. So church and community, today make sure you have a fun Sunday, a fun worship time and a fun relationship with God. Happy days. God is a God of FUN.

Rev Kay 

God loves you - No Matter What

PRAYER: Lord God, thank You for sharing my fun with me. Thank You that You laugh with me and my happiness makes You happy too. Forgive me when I take my life and worship too seriously and forget to have fun. Our world just now seems to be very serious, but today I will make every effort to do something fun knowing You will share it with me. Maybe I could even do a wee dance like the penguins in the image. Thank You God for fun. Amen

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands......
If your happy and you it stamp your feet......
If your happy and you it shout AMEN
If your happy and you it do all three.

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