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Good morning all, the word beginning with the letter Y in my alphabet challenge is YES. A positive word which we need to hear more of in todayís situation. It may seem that at the moment all our questions re this Lockdown are answered with a NO response filling us with feelings of negativity. I am sure the day we are told the lockdown is over there will be resounding shouts of YES with fist punches in the air then we will be filled with relief, with happiness and joy, with expectation and anticipation of hugging loved ones, being able to return to work and every day normal ( new normal ) activities and more. What I would like you to do today is think of the situations in your life you can still say Yes! to and fist punch the air - hopefully you will be surprised at how many blessings you have and donít need to wait til we are Ďallowed out to playí
Rev Kay
God loves you - No Matter What

PRAYER: Lord thank You that I can always fist punch the air and shout YES, God loves me! May I never doubt or question that truth but just allow that gracious love to run over me like a waterfall never ending and embracing me with Your power arms of acceptance and security. I say YES to Your love today, tomorrow and forever. Amen

CHORUS: beautiful and meditative ( if you donít know it - worth a listen on YouTube)
Isnít He Beautiful? Beautiful Isnít He?
Prince Of Peace Son Of God, Isnít He?
Isnít He Wonderful
Wonderful Isnít He
Counselor, Almighty God, Isnít He?
Isnít He? Isnít He?
Yes You Are
Yes, You Are (Yes You Are)!
Prince Of Peace
Son Of God, Yes You Are!

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