Morning All

The word I have chosen today for the letter I in my alphabet challenge is IMAGINATION....Do you have a good imagination? When I was at school and had to write a story my imagination came in handy - it was about the only thing I was any good at . My imagination could take me to far away countries, it helped me think about different scenarios, I really enjoyed writing story's at school. In the situation we find ourselves in just now, maybe you have imagined yourself on holiday sitting in a beach or at a pool when all this is over. Maybe you have imagined a different way of life, more family centred, more caring community etc. Today when you are out your walk or having a cuppa, use your imagination to take you to a place which holds special memories for you or takes you to a place you are looking forward to going, whatever it is make sure it's a place which makes you smile and brings you some peace of heart. The one thing you won't have to imagine or question is God's love for you - that's a given and that's a fact and that's a truth. Happy Days

Rev Kay

God loves you - No Matter What

PRAYER: God although I don't need to question Your love for me, sometimes I imagine it may be hard for You to love me - just as I am - with all my faults and failings. Then I imagine how You must have felt when You witnessed the crucifixion of Your son and I can't, but, I remember why it happened and then I let my imagination take me to the Resurrection and the truth of that reality and then I feel blessed and special. Thank you for the gift of imagination, Amen

CHORUS: from the old blue chorus book, if you can't remember the time I hope the words bless you.

I'm so happy here's the reason why,

Jesus took my burdens all away.

Now I'm singing as the days go by

Jesus took my burdens all away.

Once I was unhappy with a load of sin,

Jesus took the load and gave me peace within,

Now I'm signing as the days go by,

Jesus took my burdens all away.

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